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Study Spanish in Necochea,Argentina and immerse yourself not only in the language but also in the rich and varied culture of this beautiful city.From the sunny surf beaches and amazing landscapes to the world famous cuisine,Necochea is the best place to learn Spanish.


A tranquil and yet lively city, Necochea is sure to captivate you with its interesting natural scenery. You’ll enjoy the same gentle sea breeze as the history of foundation of Necochea which was established as a defensive outpost against Malón raids.Why not come and know the contributions of the numerous immigrant communities and their descendants to both Necochea and Argentina?


 Spanish courses in Necochea offer you easy access to everything that this fascinating and welcoming country has to offer.From the surf beaches to the great range of cultural and sport activities of Necochea, you will enjoy and learn the language in our school centrally located,fully equipped with excellent facilities and experienced,friendly teachers.


Our  courses offer a fun and varied social programme that allows you to get the most out of your Spanish course in Argentina by experiencing the culture while practicing your Spanish in real life situations.From the museums to the famous and spectacular surf beaches of Necochea, Argentina has something to suit everyone. Don´t miss it!!!! 

Learning Spanish in Argentina

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Necochea City

Necochea is a port and beach city in the southwest of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. The city is located on the Atlantic coast, along the mouth of the Quequén Grande River,528 km (328 mi) from Buenos Aires and 120 km (75 mi) southwest of Mar del Plata. The city proper has 90.000 inhabitants and is the seat of government for Necochea Partido.

The neighboring Port of Quequén, located on the eastern bank of the Quequén Grande River, is one of the most important ports in Argentina, and the gateway for the agricultural production of the southeast of the Province of  Buenos Aires

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